Floyd Mayweather Jr. is on top of the world.

Floyd Mayweather Lifestyle

It’s less of a subjective statement and more of an honest observation at this point. Earlier this month, the 36-year-old Floyd Mayweather outboxed one of the most promising young fighters in the world in Canelo Alvarez, and in doing so, earned himself $41 million and broke the standing record for pay-per-view buys.

All of this was made possible because of Mayweather’s ability to sell himself. He’s as good a marketer as he is a fighter. He throws his money around, lives an unbelievable lifestyle and makes you want to see him lose—something he has yet to do.

By creating his own brand name and becoming his own promoter, Mayweather has been able to reach a level of wealth few other athletes could ever dream of—and he doesn’t let his mountains of cash sit around.

The following are insane things Floyd Mayweather does with his money. Enjoy the window-shopping, because you’ll be weeping over your checking account after this one is through.

You don’t get nicknamed “Money” by tucking your earnings in a 401K.

Like a modern-day Scrooge McDuck, Mayweather likes to be able to hold his success in his hands and/or use it as a swimming pool.

At any given time when he’s out and about, Mayweather will have thousands of dollars on his person. He keeps about $60,000 on him for light evenings, and claims he can fit $1 million in a hockey bag when he’s decides to roll deep.

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