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Russian business tycoon, Roman Abramovich has a net worth of $10.8 billion as of January 2017, according to Bloomberg. Abramovich was orphaned as a child and dropped out of college, then made his fortune in a series of controversial oil export deals in the early 1990s. He moved into the oil industry and teamed up with Boris Berezovsky in the 1990s. They bought the Sibneft oil operation in 1995, when Berezovsky went into exile sold his shares to Abramovich. He took over oil giant Sibneft at a fraction of its market value.

He sold his stake in Russian Aluminum to another billionaire Oleg Deripaska and a 73% stake in Sibneft to gas titan Gazprom for $13 billion in 2005. Even after a costly divorce from his second wife, Irina, in 2007, Abramovich has a string of property, art and also owns the world’s largest yacht, the 533-foot Eclipse, which cost him over $250 million in 2010. He is the owner of of Chelsea Football Club, an English Premier League football team. In 2010, he won a $400 million tender to redevelop St. Petersburg’s historical New Holland Island as an arts and culture center.

Eclipse – $250 million

The Eclipse yacht is now considered the world’s biggest yacht. Eclipse,a 533-foot monster requiring a minimum of 70 crewmembers and featuring eleven guests. Abramovich and his guests will be protected by a security system that uses laser bursts to foil digital paparazzi photography when activated, anti-bugging and anti-intruder systems and a missile detection system. They’ll also enjoy a swimming pool that can be drained and used as a dance floor, an additional swimming pool and an aquarium. The yacht holds two helicopters, three boats and a submarine.

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